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IPTV Hospitality Solution

All you need to operate hi-end entertainment system on your premises We brings top-level entertainment, x-sell opportunities and state-of-art guest ser- vices for your hospitality business. Starting from crystal clear HD TV channels reception, through fully customizable guest services user interface on your screen to modern on-demand movies, TV archive, internet services access, guest mediaplayer, local touristic information service and many more. Easy to use reception interface for guest requests management. Quick setup in hotel of any size for standalone operation or full integration with hotel informations systems.

Top-Notch Fun Features

Perfect to keep your guest entertained any time of the day. Latest HD movies, local sightseeing information, or using DLNA mediaplayer to share hotel entertainment database or guests USB storage to allow them to view latest pictures from the busy day spent on attractions. Instant access to web browser and most viewed apps - youtube, facebook, etc.

Interactive TV

High Definition TV, Electronic Program Guide, timeshifted TV and movies on demand all on your guest room screens. Media player, web access and internet apps will complete the guest experience. All guest orders ordered by IPTV or in other hotel departments will appear in one simple table for guest to review before check-out thanks to integration with your hotel system.

Second IR for easy in-room or fixed In-Room Internet

We delivers state-of-art Mini 2 set-tops customized for hospitality operation. Set-top boxes are equipped with remote IR receiver and they have embedded WiFi feature as a client mode.We provides all components necessary to setup IPTV in your hotel. In case your hotel is equipped with Ethernet cabling and multicast supported switches, only components you will need are Our Hospitality content management system, our receivers and IP STBs. In case of coaxial cabling our hybrid DVB-C+IP set-top boxes will be used for decoding live TV and for headend you will need content management system and our Multi Receiver & Trans Modulator. For exact BOM, tuned to your project please ask our sales team. Receivers MR 9200 MX 5300 Hotel TTT] Management room room room STB STB STB STB eo MR 9200 / 9400 DVB-C/S2/T receiver o Hospitality Middleware
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